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Showcasing Post-War Architecture in the UK

The 20-years following World War 2 saw an extraordinary period of reconstruction as Britain rebuilt bomb damaged towns and cities, continued the pre-war programme of slum dwelling replacement and built new towns to relieve congested city centres.

During this period, architects pioneered new designs and techniques in an attempt to build a brave new world worthy of our journey into the space age and towards the new millennium.

Architecture from this period has become unfashionable and good examples are being destroyed on a regular basis to be replaced by corporate glasshouses, carbon copy retail outlets and mundane, characterless dwellings. Fortunately, some buildings of the period have been afforded an element of protection by being listed, and this should make it more difficult, although not impossible, for them to be destroyed.

Over the coming months, I will be writing about Britain’s post-war redevelopment. By clicking on the pictures below, you can see what I've written so far and see some of the pictures I’ve taken of buildings from the period. There are also some pictures of New York architecture of the same period. Although New York is not technically in Britain, there is, as we all know, a special relationship! If you have any questions regarding any of these buildings, drop me a line and I will try to help.

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